Will there Ever be Justice in the War on Black Males?
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problem.” The degrees of distance between brothers that consider themselves the solution or the problem may be smaller than we think, if we’re bold enough to find common ground. Justice cannot simply mean arresting those who have done “wrong”, it must also be planting the seeds for “right” to blossom in areas where hope is often cut short.

Every Black man I know wants a life of safety, be they rich or poor, and the chance to grow into their own potential. When we figure out how to connect at that root and ensure the safety of all in our community we’ll be doing justice not just to Trayvon Martin but also the masses of children lost in Detroit, and around the United States. 

Dr. R. L'Heureux Lewis is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Black Studies at the City College of New York. His work concentrates on race, education and gender. You can follow him on Twitter at @dumilewis or visit his offical website