Kanye Goes âYeezus,â Montell Chooses Jesus

Kanye Goes ‘Yeezus,’ Montell Chooses Jesus

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Michael Arceneaux

by Michael Arceneaux, May 23, 2013

Kanye Goes âYeezus,â Montell Chooses Jesus

Kenya Moore, Kanye West and Montell Jordan

What's your addiction? Is it money? Is it girls? Is it weed? For Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Lil’ Scrappy, the answer is C. Momma Dee’s pride and joy failed a court-mandated drug test – a big no-no when you’re on papers (probation). That resulted in him landing back in jail, though his lawyer, Mawuli Mel Davis, is now claiming that Scrappy is addicted to marijuana. As a result, he’ll be checking into rehab before his next court hearing in June. Can you imagine him in a group session? “I love smoking the treez-nah-eee, ya feel?” Mona Scott-Young, see if you can get the camera crew inside. [TMZ]

Meanwhile, K. Michelle told the morning show crew on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” that she’ll be joining the New York edition of Love & Hip Hop, which could use a burst of new life to say the least. However she says she won’t be interacting much with the rest of the cast, saying that her appearance on that show will ultimately set up her own. As for rumors about her and Chad Johnson dating, K. Michelle acknowledged the two were friends. How good of friends are they? Well, he bought her a pet monkey.

The newly NY resident explained: “You can't bring the monkey to New York, so the monkey is in Florida and I've been trying to find it a home. I've always wanted a pet monkey. Chad approached me and he tried to date me and I was like, ‘I don't want no shoes. Everybody wants shoes. I want a monkey.’ I thought it was a sweet gesture. We have not slept together. I've been through a lot with this dating thing. I talked to Chad yesterday. We are friends. That's what we need to be.”

The next time Chad is in court over child support, how much you want to bet that monkey will be mentioned? [The YBF]

Kordell Stewart is doing his part to not sound like the horrible person recent actions suggest him to be. Said actions include him not telling his wife that he’s divorcing her – leading to her finding out via the Twitter while he was in the other room. More recently, there was the report that he locked newly estranged wife Porsha Stewart out of their home, which caused her to move in with her mama.

In court docs, Kordell Stewart claims: “(Porsha) established a routine of leaving (the) pre-marital residence without explanation and without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would have on the parties’ marriage , and (Kordell’s) nine year old son.” He also says he changed the locs for “safety reasons.”

As for Porsha getting spousal support,  “She is a celebrity, and has the income through appearances, endorsements, Bravo and other entities …(Porsha) should be capable of supporting herself but may not be able to as a result of her own financial negligence.”

So he still sounds like an awful person. Abort mission, Kordell. You can’t win this round. [Hip Hollywood]

In related “Oh, so just not gon’ tell me this is happening until way after the fact” news, D. Woods is speaking out about finding out about the Danity Kane reunion sans her in an interview with Hot 107.5′s Bijou Star. D. Woods has been in Atlanta rehearsing for a stage play when she saw the other four members out and about in Los Angeles.

On seeing her band mates reunited: “I found out when my twitter timeline went off the chain. […] We did go our separate ways in the fall of 2008. […] I’ve committed to projects and developing my own label, so I know right now, I can’t commit to splitting my focus on something like that. I don’t want to hold anyone back. If they feel like that’s what they want to do, and they want to do it right now, they’re going to do it. I mean you don’t have to wait for me. I’m going to support them as I’ve always supported them, and I hope they will support me.”

As to whether or not she’ll participate in the reunion: “Where it makes sense in my schedule and the things that I have coming up, there’s a possibility. If it was brought to me, I would definitely consider it […] I’m definitely focused on the future. I’m really not trying to rehash the past. Just moving forward.” [Necole Bitchie]

I don’t know what Rihanna’s relationship is like with her father, but based on this recent interview if I were her I’d be handing him a muzzle for Christmas…in July. Speaking with the British tabloids for a check, Ronald Fenty says of Chris Brown: “I'm still his No 1 fan - I still like Chris regardless. They have a very passionate relationship but if they split up it

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