VOTE! Help Keep The Black and Missing Foundation Alive!

VOTE! Help Keep The Black and Missing Foundation Alive!

If your child were missing, you'd want them to be there. Help keep this organization going

by Syreeta Martin, September 17, 2012

VOTE! Help Keep The Black and Missing Foundation Alive!

and Derrica , Susan Deyampert, the webmaster and Director of Marketing; Candace Green, writer and editor of the BMF Inc. blog; and Robert Pruitt, Director of Training, all  work to assist the heartbroken families that the constantly go ignored by mainstream media.

“We have broken down a lot of barriers and we still have a long way to go, but now with the organization coming full circle and the relationships that we’ve established throughout our inception, people are recognizing [this issue] and more people are getting involved,” said Derrica.

“Some of the stories…you just can’t believe what you’re hearing and we want to help. People don’t know what to do or where to turn—they don’t know what to do, and we coach them; and we hold their hands; and we cry with them; and we listen. So it’s definitely a service that is needed in our community,” said Natalie.

 To remain informed the news and profiles of missing persons, be sure to visit their website and also like the Black and Missing Foundation Inc.’s Facebook fan page .

 “We’re here and we have their best interest at heart. We are passionate about what we do. Natalie and I both work full time jobs, we’re full time employees, wives and mothers, [but] we do not miss a beat when it comes to these families,” said Derrica.

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