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Kendrick Johnson

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contacted Scott Forthe, who does information technology for the Lowndes County Board of Education.  The detective explained that he wanted the last forty-eight hours of surveillance for the entire wing of the school, that included the old gym. In turn, Forthe explained that it would take a few days to meet the request.  There were close to forty cameras on that wing of the school. 

Three days later on January 14, Priddy obtained a copy of the surveillance video from the old gym, including video from the camera at the exterior entrance to the gym; the cameras in the hallway of the gym; and the cameras inside the gym.  The copy of the surveillance video was placed into property evidence and should still reside in the sheriff's office.  What is on those tapes is at present unknown to the public. 

Could those videos contain images of Kendrick's homicide and his murderers? 

And as of this writing, Kendrick Johnson's private autopsy report has not been released.

*Names of all students in this article have been changed to protect their identity

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