Why Obama Deserves the Black Vote (Again)

Why Obama Deserves the Black Vote (Again)

[OPINION] Ravi K. Perry says the POTUS has earned our support for a second term

Ravi K. Perry

by Ravi K. Perry, November 06, 2012

Why Obama Deserves the Black Vote (Again)

Obama and the Black Vote

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this country’s history.

He has a record of policy and programmatic development that substantively benefits Blacks, including the Office of Urban Affairs, the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 which funded and finally provided statutory authorities for the settlement agreement reached in the Pigford II lawsuit, brought by African American farmers more than a decade prior and the Fair Sentencing Act that same year, which reduced the disparity in the amounts of powder cocaine and crack cocaine required to trigger certain penalties in the federal system, including the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences.

Race matters to President Obama and has been mentioned by him in many venues.  Various racial groups directly and indirectly benefit from many of his policies. He has been both a ‘man of the people’ and a man for his people for the past four years. Today, he deserves your support because he has earned it.

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