Why the L.A. Riots Won't Happen Again

Why the L.A. Riots Won't Happen Again

[OPINION] Have we learned a lesson from the tragedies of 1992? Or are the millennials simply too apathetic to get angry?

Mychal Denzel Smith

by Mychal Denzel Smith, May 02, 2012

Why the L.A. Riots Won't Happen Again

Will we see a repeat of 1992 Los Angeles if George Zimmerman is acquitted? 

have among ourselves, but it should never be read as if we are simply apathetic. We just need time to figure some shit out.

When we do, our movement will look nothing like anything we read about in our history books or saw on our television sets as confused youngsters. And our rage will likely never boil over in the way it did in the spring of ‘92 in L.A. I don’t rule it out, as nothing is impossible, and I’m generalizing a very diverse group based on some shared experiences, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The fight may be the same, but our weapons have definitely changed.

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