Will Sequester Affect You?<br />
(Probably So)

Will Sequester Affect You?
(Probably So)

Zerlina Maxwell takes a look at the government spending cuts that are taking effect today

Zerlina Maxwell

by Zerlina Maxwell, March 01, 2013

Will Sequester Affect You?<br />
(Probably So)

a third of their employees, including all of their food inspectors.

In many cases, this means that meat and poultry plants that require approval of food inspectors before processing anything will be forced to shut down and lay off their workers.  Not only will the food in American grocery stores be less safe, it will also cost more because of shortages caused by these factory closings.

5.  Fewer Jobs, Smaller Unemployment Benefits

Right now nearly 3.8 million Americans are receiving long term unemployment benefits.  The sequester will cut these monthly benefits by 9.4%.  The long term unemployed will see an average of $450 less in their payments over time.

The sequester will also increase the number of Americans who are unemployed.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says, “This is completely irresponsible. It's mindless. Most people don't even know what the word sequester means. Sequestration equals unemployment.”

Zerlina Maxwell is a political analyst and soon-to-be attorney.  You can follow her on Twitter @ZerlinaMaxwell.

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