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4 Celebs You Can Be for Halloween (Last Minute!)

[BEAUTY 101]
4 Celebs You Can Be for Halloween (Last Minute!)

So you decided to go to the costume party last minute? You can still step into the party like you were prepared all along

October 30, 2013


Be honest with yourself: you haven’t gotten your Halloween costume yet, and you really really do want to be something. Between procrastination and the unwillingness to spend half your weekly spending money on a costume you’ll only wear once, we understand the hesitation to go all out for Halloween. But ladies, what if it was a little easier and much cheaper to be something cute (or cool) for Halloween at the last minute? 

We’ve found four easy and trendy homemade costumes you can make happen in less than 15 minutes. Dig in your closet for the fashion basics (which we’re sure you have) and pick up a few of our suggested beauty must-haves to achieve one of our fun Halloween looks this week. The cool thing is that some products could be used for everyday wear. This isn’t a step-by-step DIY Halloween makeup guide, but we assure that each product could be used to achieve your desired look.

—DaMonica Boone

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