BLACK WEDDING STYLE: Natalie and Donnie Beamer

BLACK WEDDING STYLE: Natalie and Donnie Beamer

A Tiffany's band, Louboutin white shoes, and bride and groom so in love it hurts! EBONY and MUNALUCHI BRIDAL PARTNERS ON BLACK WEDDING STYLE!

May 18, 2012


Natalie and Donnie

Natalie (Crawford - maiden name) Beamer

Donald Beamer

Wedding date: June 12, 2011

Location: Ventanas, Atlanta, GA

Wedding Dress - Bridal Garden

Bride's Ring - S.H. Zell and sons

Wedding Dress - Bridal Garden

Groom's Band - Tiffany's

Ross Oscar Knight

Ventanas (wedding venue)

Scoobie West (makeup)

Mario McDowell (hair)

Rik Ducar (tuxedos)

S.H. Zell and Sons (jewelry)

DJ SixFive (music)

Sweet Teniques (sweets table)

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