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[CURVY + PLUS] 10 Insanely Sexy Bathing Suits and Cover Ups for Your Body

The booty, hips and thighs will thank you this summer for these fabulous swimwear picks

May 28, 2014


The temperature is rising and invites are coming in for the hottest beach and pool parties, BBQs, and day parties. You can already taste the drinks, envision yourself dancing to the music, and see your future summer days filled with festive memories.

After dazing into the wonders of summer's promise, you're probably wondering where you'll find your best swimwear and cover ups. What bathing suit or caftan will you be able to sashay your curves in that will allow you to steal the scene? Each year, plus size designers push the envelope, giving us a little bit more of what we need.

Here's our round up of 10 of our favorite swimwear pieces to get things moving and to help you look fabulous all summer.

-Marie Denee



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