5 Summer Styles Black Men Rock the Best

5 Summer Styles Black Men Rock the Best

Not saying that we started these trends, but we for sure made them hot

by #teamEBONY, May 29, 2014


There's no telling why or how Black men made these favorite summer looks stylish and cool. But the point is, we did. Here's a fun toast to the 5 best Black stylish looks we've made so damn popular. 

White Tees

Whether paired with jeans, cargo shorts or underneath a lightweight blazer, the crisp white Tee is always style moment for Black men. We don’t play about them, either. There’s no guy who wants to be caught in a wrinkled, stained white tee. Period.

Cargo Shorts

The go-to’s for the block party or family cookout, cargo shorts are always a must have in the summer for Black men. Always comfortable, cool and fresh, there’s really nothing else a guy could ask for during the summer months. Plus, they look better the older they get.

Low Top sneakers

Low top sneakers are an important staple in presenting effortless style moments in the summer.  There isn't one outdoor occasion we won't wear them too. #Facts.

Summer Hats

Hats of all sorts are very important to the Black male’s summer style. But the most popular styles, the fitted caps, straw fedoras and bucket hats, are always a hit each time summer comes around.


No outfit is complete in the summer without a pair of stunner shades.  Finding the pair that works can be challenging, but once you find them, you'll be set for life. 

-Chris Law 

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