[BEAUTY 101]
Matchy-Matchy Lips and Nails

[BEAUTY 101]
Matchy-Matchy Lips and Nails

Pairing Lip-Gloss Hues With Nail Polishes Is WIDLY TRENDING THIS SUMMER, But Are You Buying It?

by Nicole Miles, May 22, 2012


Peach and pink lip hues are the go-to for women like Kerry Washington, Beyoncé, and Tika Sumpter when they want a flirty natural look. For us, it offers a fresh pop of color when the desire to peel back layers of clothing is greater than a full-face of makeup. 

Besides the fact that we would prefer expressing ourselves with stiletto nails, magnetic polishes, and fluorescent-mooned manicures, there is one trend we are dying to try. The Matchy-Matchy look. 

This summer, lip and nail colors are pairing together for a double dose of matching zing with brands like butter LONDON, M.A.C., and REVLON, amongst others synchronizing newly released glosses to sit its already successful nail lacquers. You can certainly cross-pollinate brands through a bit of coating and mixing, just as long as you agree with us that this trend is one and the same with summer beauty. 

So what do you say, are you ready to serve it up this summer with the Matchy-Matchy trend?

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