Black Wedding Style: A Night of Laughter and Love

Black Wedding Style: A Night of Laughter and Love

The Okes wanted nothing more but to dance the night away in celebration of their love, and that's just what they did

by Team Ebony,


Bride: Farrah Desir

Groom: Abiola Oke

Wedding Date: 04/07/2012

Occupations: Abiola: Associate Vice President at Citigroup. Farrah: Senior Executive of Construction at YMCA

Location: Causey Contemporary Art Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Photographer:  The Amber Studio

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang

Hair: Mint

Make-up: Evguenia Kleimenova

The groom on his special day

“The planning of this wedding was actually a pleasurable one. Farrah and I both have very similar tastes, so it was very easy to agree on things. The most important aspects of the planning for us were unconventionality and having a great time. By that I mean we really wanted to dance the night away, which we happily did.

“Farrah wore a black dress which was an expected surprise to many guests!

“Another pleasantry for the guests was experiencing the Nigerian custom of spraying money; a moment where the bride and groom dance, whilst guests spray them with money.”

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