10 Sexy Wide Calf Boots for Fall

10 Sexy Wide Calf Boots for Fall

Get your perfect fit with one of these trendy boots for the seaons!

by Team Ebony,


Searching for a quality wide calf boot used to be like searching for a needle in a haystack. But, thankfully, that was then and this is now.

More shoe companies are making wide calf, knee high and over-the-knee styles for women who battle with finding trendy boots to fit over their legs. Various hues, textures, and prints are a must have for your Fall boot wardrobe and we've picked some of the best looks for you to show off!

Editor’s Note: When it comes to calf sizing, it is important to note that:

·       Wide Calf: 16 to 18 ¼” boot

·       Extra Wide Calf: 17 ½ to a 20” boot

·       Super Wide Calf: 18 to 21+” boot

Check out 10 of the hottest wide calf boots for Fall in the gallery above!

Have you found a wide calf boot you love? Sharing is caring. Leave a comment below with info on where you scored your fab boots. Hit us up on Instagram and show off your favorite boots for fall! 

-Marie Denee

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