DULY NOTED: Swizz Beatz’s Artsy Personal Style

DULY NOTED: Swizz Beatz’s Artsy Personal Style

The Notable Hip-Hop producer Swizz Beatz’ creativity spans farther then hit records— he soars into the fashion with unstoppable personal style

by #teamEBONY, March 29, 2012


Music producer Swizz Beatz’ eclectic personal style is just a compliment to the moguls well-rounded creativity.  

Not only is Swizz married to the beautiful songstress Alicia Keys, the musical tycoon is also a breakout fashion designer. The producer designed for Christian Louboutin and KidRobot. And after signing a major deal with Reebok, Beatz has indeed broadened his creativity far beyond the music industry.  

Swizz Beatz has often mentioned his fascination with art, and his own personal collection of limited pieces—he often boasts about his Jean Basquiat collection. The creativity of Swizz Beatz is clearly beyond hit records, but reaches throughout the arts.

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—Asiah James

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