Fashion Biz: Shauntelé of Shauntelé Designs

Fashion Biz: Shauntelé of Shauntelé Designs highlights the self made fashion designer and the way she combines power and femininity through style

by Camille Kail, July 31, 2013

Fashion Biz: Shauntelé of Shauntelé Designs

struggle with that. Because in the end, I’m not only dressing Black women, I’m dressing all types of women. It’s been hard to separate my image from the actual collection. Even on my website, I don’t put my image up because I don’t want people to think, “Oh, she’s a Black designer” and then subconsciously put me into a separate category that I can’t break out of.

I love the Black community, I love the support I get and there’s nothing like it at all. But at the same time, I’m trying to do something bigger that’s universal. I just want to be seen as a universal brand. I don’t want to be seen necessarily as a Black designer.

EBONY: So what are your goals for the future for your line?

Shauntelé: My goals are definitely to be in one of the major department stores that I think will respond to my aesthetic. I think sales are extremely important for any designer, and I’ve begun developing a lower priced line called She for Shauntelé. I would love to exist in that arena where I can divide my collection, to have a contemporary bridge collection for the higher priced line, and then also for my peers who are looking for something a little more affordable.


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