Natural Hair vs. Corporate America:<br />
Why Are We Still Fighting This Battle?
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that we must be more than our hair, as much as we must be more than our skin color, socioeconomic class or religion. We cannot choose how our natural hair looks any more than we can choose who our parents were. And in a professional setting, our capabilities should hold more weight than any of these.

What it comes down to is the necessity of employers and corporate America to understand and recognize why we choose to wear our hair in dreadlocks or an Afro, rather than relaxed and straight. The trouble is finding where our options lie, if there are any at all. When fighting for our right to wear our natural hair to work, the debate still remains: do we step up to an employer when we feel discriminated against and risk our jobs? Or do we fall in line and conform?

“In reality, how I dress and my hairstyle should not indicate to you my capacity to fulfill a job, but you have to make real conscious choices,” says Williams-Witherspoon. “We always will have to wear a mask. It hurts me to say that, but that seems to be the reality.”