In Her Shoes: Renae Bluitt Brings Black Beauty Entrepreneurs Together
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bit. I enjoy traveling internationally and disconnecting when I can, which is hard to do. Any of my friends will tell you I’m always connected. But when I do disconnect, I love to keep it simple.

EBONY: What do you have planned for the future? What’s new for "In Her Shoes" for 2013, or any other business ventures?

RB: I want to introduce a couple of new series on the blog and I want to introduce a couple of contributors. I want to insert video content, too. I’m not going to say every post will have video, but I want to have a place for video because of the direction digital media is going now. I also want to be consistent with the live events. I don’t want there to be a two-year gap like the last “In Her Shoes” events. I’m hoping in 2013, moving forward, there will be a quarterly event series. In January, the blog will be celebrating its  four-year anniversary, so I want to do something special for that. So I will probably partner with my fly female entrepreneurs. But I will figure that out after we get past the event.