[INTERVIEW] Paula Patton On Being A CoverGirl, and Playing Whitney Houston

[INTERVIEW] Paula Patton On Being A CoverGirl, and Playing Whitney Houston

We caught up the super busy actress on balancing family and work, and why playing Whitney is a challenge she welcomes

Geneva S. Thomas

by Geneva S. Thomas, April 24, 2012

[INTERVIEW] Paula Patton On Being A CoverGirl, and Playing Whitney Houston

tell us about any new film projects that you’re working on?

PP: Right now, I am working on a new project called Disconnect, with Alex Skarsgard, and I also just signed on to do an independent movie called Broken, that I am also really excited about. It’s a romance between two people that are very broken and then come together to heal each other. Also that another thing that is really important to me is to produce my own films, not just for myself—but for other actresses. So I have two other movies that I am developing right now, and I am really excited about that for the future.  I will be producing these films, and although I respect directors, I do not feel that I am ready for that yet. I really just have so many ideas, and also coming from film school, I just love being a part of the creative process.

EBONY: Your husband Robin Thicke mentioned that you should play Whitney Houston in a movie? How do you feel about that?

PP: He is so sweet to say that. Just thinking about that really shakes me up. Whitney is irreplaceable, and I would be honored to play her, but I think it is a bit early to talk about a movie right now. Her life was so incredible, and it would be a challenge to play that role, and I love a challenge. I have tremendous respect for Whitney, and her passing is still very saddening to me.

EBONY: You are such a busy women, but you are also a great mother. What advice do you have for mothers out there with a lot on their plates?

PP: Sleeplessness is really the key to everything. Everyday is a new journey, and when I start to think about the future, I get a little overwhelmed, and then I realize that my son is what is most important. Everyday I just wake up and say I am just going to do the best I can for everybody— but most importantly my son. Some days are rough, but others are like, ‘Hey I did all right.’ It’s all a working progress.

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