Sam Fine

[INTERVIEW] Sam Fine Introduces Fashion Fair's "Truly Treasured" Collection



by #teamEBONY, June 11, 2012

Sam Fine

with a shade like "Rebel".

EBONY: Being that there is only one nail polish color in the "Truly Treasured" collection, did you have input on that color?

SF: Actually the funny thing is, the polish we used it in the "Siren Collection" so I felt like it was a wonderful addition to this collection because we’re seeing a lot of metallics. Instead of showcasing metallic in an eye shadow or a lipstick I thought doing a metallic nail was a really sort of offbeat compliment to the collection very classic rose shades.

EBONY: In the extreme summer heat, what are your tips for keeping your make up fresh and fabulous?

SF: Well I mean it starts with before you put on makeup, using a primer. Primer always helps to keep you looking matte a lot longer. Also I don’t think you have to sacrifice coverage because it’s summer. I think you have to manipulate your products a little bit better. So if you’re used to using crème foundation, make sure you take a two-ply tissue, separating it and blotting. That blotting is going to remove a little bit of the oil that’s in the make up but not going to sacrifice any of the coverage. Make sense? Almost like a piece of pizza, it tastes the same you’re just blotting it. You take out some of the oil, and that helps foundation to stay on a lot longer. Also powder is your friend; if you’re afraid of being too overly powdered because it’s summer time and you know that powder alleviates the shine, simply powder the T-zone, the center of the face. allowing the outer perimeter to glow, you know also using bronzers so that they bake in beautifully. So you’re controlling the glow a bit. So when it happens it looks intentional. So you don’t go from I was matte, now I’m oily. You go from subtle glow, to a little shine but it’s still right.

EBONY: That’s a great tip, sometimes women forgo make up completely when they feel it’s just too hot.

SF: Right. But you can use bronzers, and still if you’re using foundation maybe you can use it strategically where you need it most. There is no need to have to give it up, just because it’s hot.

EBONY: What’s your secret for contouring?

SF: There is no secret! I’m an art student; I came from being an illustrator so when people talk about my contouring and highlighting... you know it’s me.  Fortunately I teach a lot of classes, and to be able to teach someone how to use a darker foundation that’s two shades deeper than their complexion. If you use a foundation two shades deeper than your complexion along the sides of your nose, or along the sides of your cheeks or underneath your jaw line, it’s always going to accentuate the features. To anyone who talks about contouring like well I heard that can be harsh, that’s all that eye shadow is: you’re contouring the eye, you’re shaping it. You’re contouring the eyebrow when you fill it in. So I look at contouring the nose, or cheeks, or jaw line as simply a part of make up. Also highlighting is just the opposite, using a foundation that’s two shades lighter. Underneath the eyes, down the bridge of the nose, in the center of the face. So a lot of times what you see on Vanessa Williams, and Tyra, and Iman are hours of work, and you have to spend a bit more time when you’re mixing and playing with these highlighting and contouring colors. It’s not something that everyone is trained in, but what my suggestion in sort of a more lamens version is, using a darker powder. Using a darker bronzer, so you don’t feel like you have to be a pro. Using it from the hairline and bringing it softly into the face, so you’re not depositing most of the product in the center. So it’s a very gentle way of doing it. Knowing that it all washes off at the end of the day, practice makes perfect. Take your time.

EBONY: What do you find to work best as a foundation applicator, a brush or sponge?

SF: You know I love our foundation brush. The brush helps foundation to glide across the skin, and also they don’t absorb the product like sponges. Even though I love sponges, sometimes I’ll switch up and use a foundation brush, because I know that it’ll glide across the skin if I’m going for something like a summer look and if I want to see more skin than I’ll use that. And I’ll use a sponge with my foundation in more areas where I need more coverage, where it deposits more foundation.

EBONY: So a sponge is better for deeper coverage?

SF: I think sponges build

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