Sam Fine
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better. Almost like when you’re painting a wall the roller really goes in when you do it a few times over. A brush kind of glides it across, so for me, a sponge definitely holds on to more product, but a foundation brush helps you to get more of a second skin effect.

EBONY: What are the three Fashion Fair Products you think every woman should own?

SF: No woman should leave her house without her Fashion Fair pressed powder. I mean the range of their pressed powders and loose powders are incomparable. You need the oil control, great colors. That’s one thing I would never leave the house without: "Vantex" and "True Tone", they’re both similar products, they’re fade creams. Even before the make up goes on those are two of my favorite products. "True Tone" is a version of a fade cream with all natural ingredients,  yeah that’s one of my favorites. And then actually I have to say there is a brown lip liner and a brown eye brown pencil that are two of my favorites. I just think everyone has fun glosses and we truly have our lip teasers which are great, but those are just the products I always go to, those are the products I’m always raving about.

EBONY: What makes the "Truly Treasured " collection unique?

SF: I think the most unique thing is that many collections don’t have a range that speaks to the range of women of color, from a Vanessa Williams to an Iman. When you approach many collections one color might or may speak to your complexion but this line is special because it has you in mind.