[POLL] Is It Okay When ‘Others’ Notice Our Hair?

[POLL] Is It Okay When ‘Others’ Notice Our Hair?

Vogue.com shows love to Afropunk hairstyles, but are we okay with this?

by Melanie Yvette, August 29, 2014

[POLL] Is It Okay When ‘Others’ Notice Our Hair?

The talk of the New York town this past weekend was the Black culture music celebration, Afropunk. Flocks of beautiful Black folks came out to enjoy the likes of Fishbone and Bad Brains, while checking out the unique style many attendees sported on the cultural concrete runway. Among those admirers was the media, on edge and ready for the fashion, beauty and hair spectacles. 

But one outlet in particular, Vogue.com, took special notice of the Afrocentric hairstyles that stood out at the festival, sharing an in-depth gallery of some of the top looks from the festival. But are we here for their celebration of our hair, or is it weird to see a predominately White magazine giving commentary on our hair?

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