KIDDIE STYLE: 30 Looks For Your Children

KIDDIE STYLE: 30 Looks For Your Children

It's Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day! Here's our guide to keeping your kids well behaved and fashionable

by #teamEBONY, April 26, 2012


Considering taking your mini-me to work with you on Thursday? Then you know your daughter or son's behavior must match their outfit—well-prepped and cute as a button.  

Shadowing mommy on Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day means she or he will learn all that you do to make your company a better place—and let’s be honest, you cannot miss out on showing off your greatest creation to date.

While your little will certainly use their inner voice in the halls, these reasonably priced pieces permit them to reveal their personality while they act as your assistant for the day.  And who knows, an apprenticeship just may form from a hard day’s work.

—Nicole Miles

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