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Lisa Price

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you'll change the way you deliver the message because the world around you is changing. When I first started, a paper catalog was so important. It was expensive and difficult to do, but it was absolutely necessary. If I had a paper catalog now people would be like, “Why is she wasting all this paper and killing all these trees?”

EBONY:  Any fun upcoming launches for Carol’s Daughter?

LP: Every holiday we do a vanilla scent that’s exclusive to the season, and this is our third year of doing that. This year’s vanilla is Vanilla Petals. But since we have three vanillas from past years, we have a collection of all of them. You can do Sugar Dipped Vanilla, Vanilla Truffle and Vanilla Petals all in one kit.

As for the future of the line, I just want to continue to move forward and stay relevant and keep Carol's Daughter on top.