LâOreal Promotes Beauty as Multidimensional, Celebrates Charitable Women

L’Oreal Promotes Beauty as Multidimensional, Celebrates Charitable Women

Women Of Worth honorees have the chance to win a total of $35,000

by Riley Wilson, November 15, 2013

LâOreal Promotes Beauty as Multidimensional, Celebrates Charitable Women

Estella Pyfrom

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to lack access to educational resources in these neighborhoods? Is it parenting? Jobs? The school system?

EP: A combination of all those things, I’m finding, contributing to the mindset. For example, you may take 10 poor families who have the same limited income--and some may have no income--but you might find many different attitudes in that group of people. My father was poor but he’d make a sacrifice to get us a notebook even if he had to let something else go. Whereas some other families would say well I need to buy this and your notebook has to wait. Its not that this parent doesn’t care. A notebook for your children or a pair of shoes? Some parents will say you’ll wear those shoes a little longer, and I’ve seen this happen. You put a rubberband around if the sole is flapping but I’ll get you that pencil you need or that notebook. That other parent will say well that notebook has to wait bc I have to buy shoes. All of these things have to do with the mindset.


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