Stylist Middleman Fresh Releases SS17 Anti-Social Homme’ T-shirt Line

A menswear brand fusing art, fashion and design

by Arkeedah McCormick, April 17, 2017


Style Expert and Creative Director, Robert “Middleman Fresh” Flood is no rookie to the fashion industry. With over ten years of experience, he has styled many celebrities through the years from CeeLo Green, R. Kelly and Cedric the Entertainer to John Legend and Future. After revamping the oversized vintage bowtie that garnered attention from Steve Harvey and Jazzy Faye, Fresh decided to go into fashion design.

Flood recently released his highly-anticipated spring/summer ’17 Anti-Social Homme’ luxury t-shirt collection. The bold, classic designs, blend fashion and art to create wearable masterpieces that features an assortment of top quality black and white shirts embellished with colorful artwork.

Courtesy of antisocialhomme.com
Courtesy of antisocialhomme.com

Flood launched Anti-Social Homme’ last March as a way to take art outside of the galleries and merge with fashion. Since 2016, he has successfully launched four collections, with goals in the future to create a full collection to include denim, jackets, woven’s and more.

Courtesy of antisocialhomme.com
Courtesy of antisocialhomme.com

He incorporates his passion for style and creativity to inspire his designs for the Anti-Social Homme’ lifestyle brand. After selling out of his first design “Color Blind,” which addresses racism in the African-American community, the luxury t-shirt brand has been in high-demand. Flood utilizes the brand as a platform for fashion and art while encouraging and motivating young African-American men to pursue their dreams.

“I love being an inspiration to young Black men, it pushes me to go harder.” The on-trend Anti-Social Homme’ lifestyle brand speaks to individuals who love art and fashion and creates their own rules, deviating sharply from the social norm.

Courtesy of antisocialhomme.com
Courtesy of antisocialhomme.com

The brand’s luxury t-shirts are unisex, 100% combed and ring-spun cotton that acts as the perfect canvas for unique artwork.

Exclusive designs are available here, with retail prices starting at $60.

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