Menâs Fashion & Grooming Bible

Men’s Fashion & Grooming Bible

The EBONY Style team met with a prestigious panel of experts to round up this must-have list of essential tips and tricks. From a foolproof way to perfect your bow tie to secrets on growing a lush beard, we’ve got you covered.

by Marielle Bobo and Ericka N. Goodman, October 11, 2013

Menâs Fashion & Grooming Bible

Anthony Logistics for Men Glycolic Facial Cleanser ($21 for 8 oz.;
2 Don’t Look Like You’re Trying This can be a challenge because in-between stages of growth can start to look unkempt. A weekly tidying up of the neckline, cheek line and mustache is important. So put more care into small things like these. Try Andis SlimLine Pro Trimmer ($49;
3 Study Your Beard Try to understand how your beard grows. Learn its growth pattern, and treat it along the way. We recommend Proactive + Soothing Shave Gel ($39;

4 Treat Ingrown Hairs Ingrown hairs don’t have to be a fact of life. Find a product that has a preventive razor bump active that will refine the beard over time. We recommend Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel with Menthol ($4.29 for 4 oz.;
Craig the Barber is CEO of the Grooming Concierge and owner/editor-in-chief of The


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by Marielle Bobo and Ericka N. Goodman


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from Marielle Bobo and Ericka N. Goodman

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