Negative Space Art You’ll Want to Try

Negative Space Art You'll Want to Try

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by Team Ebony,


This week we caught up with Charlottesville and Richmond, VA based freelance manicurist Kay. 

The Trend: Negative space, or cut-out nails have been taking over the way we view nail art and even pop art since making their debut on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

EBONY: How did you create this design?

Kay: I've seen so many different negative space nail designs by my fellow nail techs on Instagram, that it inspired me to do my own with a little twist.

EBONY: What do you feel is your artistic significance when it comes to nail art?  

Kay: My client’s fingernails are my canvas, and I love them for allowing me to become creative and do whatever that I like to their nails.

Catch more of Kay’s designs on her Instagram at @mskreativekay.

-DaMonica Boone

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