New York Fashion Week: 6 Qs with Zoe Kravitz

New York Fashion Week: 6 Qs with Zoe Kravitz

We caught up with the inherently stylish Zoe Kravitz at the Rebecca Taylor Fall 2012 Runway Presentation, where she gushed about all things fashion and of course LOVE!

by #teamEBONY, February 15, 2012

New York Fashion Week: 6 Qs with Zoe Kravitz

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Maybe she’s born with it?  Zoe Kravitz is the archetype for all style crushes…naturally cool, confident, and chic with a touch of Boho flair. But the singer, actor and fashion darling had more than the Spring 2012 trends on her mind, she was dreaming of a perfect “romantic” Valentine’s Day with her “Gossip Girl” beau Penn Badgley.

EBONY: Welcome to fashion week! Who do you look forward to seeing?

ZK: The thing about fashion week is that you see all of these characters and everyone is trying to one up each other.  It’s really intense. I love people watching, especially, and seeing all these people who are so “out there” in terms of fashion, they are so intense yet fashionable! I don’t know how they do it.

EBONY: How would you describe your personal style?

ZK: I guess comfortable. No woman can be sexy if she’s not comfortable in my opinion.

EBONY: What is sexy in respect to fashion?

ZK: There’s a middle ground, which I can’t go too far…as it does get intense as I noted. But I love that people are really intense about it. It’s all about loving what you do.

EBONY: What do you think the #1 trend will be for Fall 2012?

ZK: People keep asking me about what’s in style, I never know. I guess I just wear what I like. I can’t really say I’m all that fashionable. I think wear what you like. I don’t know what’s the hot trend.

EBONY: How would you describe Penn’s personal style?

ZK: Comfortable, which I really like! He's very simple and classic.

—Ericka Goodman

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