Nourishing Hair to a New Level: The Mane Choice [INTERVIEW]<br />

Nourishing Hair to a New Level: The Mane Choice [INTERVIEW]

Founder Coutney Adelye chats about her new hair care line and how she trained her hair to grow beyond her imagination

by LaParis Hawkins, July 18, 2013

Nourishing Hair to a New Level: The Mane Choice [INTERVIEW]<br />

an effect on the Manetabolism results as well? 

C.A.: Overall you will see results in your body. As far as your health, it’s cheating a little. You will definitely see results in your hair, but like I tell people: it’s a combination of a lot of things that’s going to aid in hair growth. Of course we still encourage people to exercise and eat right. If you’re the type of person who still doesn’t eat right and you take the vitamins, you will still, more than likely, see the difference in your hair. Are there any reported side effects to the Manetabolism Vitamin?

C.A.: We haven’t had any reports of side effects. When you begin taking the pills you may feel different. It may not be something that you can quite put your finger on it. I would suggest start out taking one pill per day for a week and then work your way up to two pills a day.

Manetabolism products are available online at as well as We suggest that you talk to your doctor before starting on a new vitamin regimen. Be sure to let us know how these products work for you on twitter @EBONYMag!

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