[Beautifully Brown] The Height of Fashion

[Beautifully Brown] The Height of Fashion

by Najja Parker

Designer Robin Harris created a fashion line for statuesque women, like herself, because she’s tall and she’s not apologizing for it. [read more]

Curvy Plus Black plus sized Models

5 Black Plus Size Models You Should Know

There are some gorgeous brown faces in the plus size modeling world, models who inspire, motivate, and compel us to buy the clothing… Read More

african american man afro haircut

Men's Grooming:
7 Products to Keep Your Hair Fresh

Black men’s hair care is somewhat of an after-thought within our community. It’s not something men openly talk about… Read More

Beautifully Brown african american dolls curly girl

Curly Girl Collective Helps Black Girls Get "All Dolled Up"

I guess I have the privilege of saying that I never felt the lack of having brown dolls in my collection of toys growing up. Whether… Read More

cheap and chic womens accessories jewelry

6 Affordable Accessories That Look Luxe!

In a recent interview, Rihanna gushed about her love of fake, costume jewelry from the mall. Though she can afford the best baubles… Read More

nail polish nail art

How to Get a “Drunk In Love” Maincure

This week we caught up with nail artist, Spifster Sutton. The Chicago-based nail artist was in New York City for a week, so… Read More

[LOOKBOOK]<br />
8 Kevin Moments That Captured Our ‘Hart’<br />

8 Kevin Moments That Captured Our ‘Hart’

With two films currently at the box office, Kevin Hart has to keep things suave on a rotating basis. We love that this comedic guy… Read More

Celebrating Love the Island Way!

Celebrating Love the Island Way!

Bride: Laureen Gage Groom: Terrance Norman Wedding Date: 09/29/2012 Photography:… Read More

olive oil

3 Great Things That Olive Oil Can Offer Your Hair!

by LaParis Hawkins

There has never really been a doubt that olive oil is a great multi-faceted product for women with natural hair. Aside from the fact… Read More

Sharifa Murdock

How One Black Woman Is Changing the Way Menswear Is Sold

by Corey Chalumeau

When menswear industry buyers (the folks who buy the clothing/accessories you see in big name department stores or trendy boutiques)… Read More

skin care products

[BEAUTY 101]
9 (Black!) Dermatologist Recommended Dark Spot Treatments

The agony of finding makeup to cover acne scars and blemishes for many of us is a nightmare. Not to mention the endless layers of… Read More

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