natural hair products children

5 Kid-Friendly Hair Care Collections

There was a time when well-known brands, such as SoftSheen-Carson or Soft & Beautiful, saturated the hair care market with ‘Just For Me’… Read More

celebrity black natural summer hair style

4 Cute Summer Short Cuts for All Hair Textures

The hotter it gets, the more women you see with new shorter hairstyles (or faux styles that keep their long tresses off their necks)… Read More

natural hair products

Curly Hair? 8 Styling Spritzers to Give You Life

Maintaining a curly hair style can become a task in itself. Aside from de-tangling the hair and cleansing those densely packed hair… Read More

african american woman natural hair

The Sad Truth About Natural Hair Discrimination

by Trudy Susan

The natural hair community is a sisterhood of Black and bi-racial women who have made the decision to abstain from relaxers and chemical… Read More

Indique Its Natural

Indique x Miss Jessie's: Bridging the Gap Between Natural Hair and Extensions

by Marisa Peal

  Over the past few years, there has been a fast and drastic growth in the hair extension industry. You can easily… Read More

natural hair extensions

6 'Real-Looking' Extension Brands for Natural Hair

Protective style extensions in kinky textures are getting more and more popular. Now that they are in high demand, a variety of extensions… Read More


4 Ways to Know You're Due for a Trim

by Marisa Peal

From the cold dry winter into the blazing summer's UV rays, seasonal changes can cause havoc on the hair. For naturalistas with… Read More

hair vitaminss

Do Hair Vitamins Actually Work?

by Jouelzy

There’s been a major boom in the hair vitamin market, with quite a few companies marketing their own brand vitamins as the… Read More

‘My Daughter’s Hair Is Not a Problem to Solve’<br />

‘My Daughter’s Hair Is Not a Problem to Solve’

by Asha French

These days, all the kinks are curly, all the chicks are… Read More


8 Ways to Upgrade Your Boring Ponytail

We all have those days when we just want to throw our hair in a ponytail and run out of the door. For the past couple of spring seasons… Read More

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