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For 70 years, EBONY has been the trusted magazine of record for African-Americans. With the digital edition, readers have EBONY on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Everything you love about EBONY Magazine plus:

  • BONUS photo galleries
  • EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes videos of cover shoots

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Current Print Subscribers: Your print subscription includes access to the digital edition*.

* – Only on Apple, Google Play & Kindle platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where can I find the new EBONY app?

A: The new EBONY app can be found in the following app stores – Apple, Google Play, Kindle and Nook. Click on the icons below to download the version that is appropriate for your device.

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Q: Is EBONY available on mobile and tablet devices?

A: We have a magazine app for smartphones and tablets—download the full issue of each months’s EBONY, or a back issue, to read anytime, anywhere, on a wide range of devices via the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, or B&N. Our app is designed for reading offline once issues have downloaded. An Internet connection is required for some features, however, and high bandwidth (Wi-Fi) is recommended.

Q: Do I need a subscription to access EBONY’s magazine app?

A: You can purchase single copies, or subscribe on an annual basis. If you are a current print subscriber, your print subscription includes free access to the digital edition.

Q: How do I download the EBONY magazine app?

A: • iPad®/iPhone®: Search for EBONY Mag in the App Store and install the app.
• Kindle Fire: Search for EBONY in the Amazon Appstore for Android. Download and install the app on your device.
• Google Play™: Search for EBONY via the Play App on your Android device. Tap on “Apps” and search for EBONY Magazine and install.
• Nook: Search for EBONY on your Nook. Install the app on your device.

Q: What should I do when my EBONY app crashes?

A: For the best performance, please shut down any other apps running in the background. If problems persist, force-quit the app, then reopen it. If you’re still having trouble, try turning your device off and then turning it back on. You can also try deleting and reinstalling the app. And, if none of that works, please let us know, by e-mailing us at

Q: If I already have your iPad app, do I need to download it again?

A: Yes, you will need to delete the old version and download the new version.

Q: How do I transfer my existing EBONY app subscription to the new EBONY app?

A: Since the app stores will not provide us with subscription information, you will have to send us Proof Of Purchase (see below) of your subscription. We will then enable your subscription in the new app.

Q: How do I locate the Proof of Purchase for my subscription to the previous EBONY app?

A: Since the app stores will not provide us with subscription information, you will have to send us Proof Of Purchase (see below) of your subscription. We will then enable your subscription in the new app.Purchases made in EBONY are done through your iTunes or your Google Play account. As such, you should have received an email receipt when you made the purchase. You can forward that email to If you no longer have the email/receipt, you can obtain a screenshot of your purchase history in iTunes or in Google Wallet, which shows the purchase that was done through EBONY. For any issues with billing you must provide this with your ticket to support. Please allow 24-48 hours for your subscription to transfer over.Locating your purchases in iTunes:

  • Open iTunes
  • Select iTunes store from the menu on the left side of iTunes
  • Select your iTunes account name/email, located in the top-right corner of iTunes (or select Sign In if you haven’t already)
  • Select the Account button
  • On this page scroll to Purchase History
  • Find the purchase in question
  • Take a screenshot and attach it to your email

Locating your purchases in Google Wallet:

  • Go to and sign in with your Google Play account
  • Select Transactions and find the EBONY payment
  • Take a screen shot and attach it to your email

Q: How do I request a refund?

A: Apple Inc. and Google Play Store, respectively, handle all billing for purchases from their app stores. Because of this, we are unable to assist in clarifying charges or offering refunds.
Please contact Apple or Google Play customer support as they will be able to assist you, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.Apple –
Google Play –

Have more questions? Email us at

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