The U.S. Is Letting Poor Kids Fall Further and Further Behind in Reading

Poor Kids Continue to Fall Behind Academically

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Fourth grade is considered a crucial benchmark for reading, because by that age kids are mostly done with formal reading instruction and have moved... Read More

Will the New SAT Boost College Prospects for Black Students?

Will Black Students Improve Their SAT Scores? (And Does it Matter?)

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This Is What Could Close The Achievement Gap Among Young Kids, Study Says

Closing the Preschool Achievement Gap

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Just a few years of high-quality early childhood education could close the academic achievement gap between low-income and affluent students, a new study suggests.... Read More

The graduating class of Livingston High School prepares for commencement June 3, 2008, in New Orleans.

The "Acting White Theory" Doesn't Add Up

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Do Black students purposefully underachieve because they attribute being smart to "acting White"? For more than a decade, academics, policymakers and cultural critics have... Read More

Experts explain that poor teachers and barriers to resources fuel an academic achievement gap.

What’s Stopping Black Students’ Success?

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Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor

American Education:
Still Separate, Still Unequal

by Dawn A. Davis

It’s not good news. The United States educational system is stacked against African-American and Latino students. The data speaks for itself. “Gaps in achievement... Read More