Beyoncé and Jay Z, On The Run II

#RealLove: Hip-Hop Couples We Want Albums From

by Christina Santi   Apr 24, 2018

As hip-hop fans, we often get music about or inspired by love that is one-sided. We have a rapper speaking about his down a**... Read More

Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson

‘We’re Your Dreamgirls,’ Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson Reunite at Coachella

by Teddy Grant   Apr 23, 2018

Beyoncé once again took the stage during the second weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and she got some support from her Dreamgirls co-star... Read More

tiffany haddish

Tiffany Haddish Calls Out TMZ Reporter for Failing to Help with Luggage

by Christina Santi   Apr 23, 2018

Tiffany Haddish just shared her mind with a TMZ reporter for failing to help her and her girlfriends load up their car with a... Read More

Beyoncé Continued to Slay During Second Coachella Show

Beyoncé Continued to Slay During Second Coachella Show

by Christina Santi   Apr 23, 2018

After scattering YouTube livestreaming records with her opening-weekend headlining performance at Coachella, Beyoncé continued to slay for her second show. Unfortunately, this weekend’s performance was... Read More


California Church Holding ‘Beyoncé Mass’ Dedicated to Empowering Black Women

by Jessica Bennett   Apr 20, 2018

Beyoncé’s epic Coachella performance has inspired one California-based church to designate a full service to the Houston singer, with plans to hold ‘Beyoncé Mass’... Read More

Beyonce’s 2nd Coachella Performance Won’t Be Streamed

Beyonce’s 2nd Coachella Performance Won’t Be Streamed

by Jessica Bennett   Apr 19, 2018

Bad news for Beyoncé fans who chose to forgo Coachella to pay their rent, as her second performance coming up this weekend will not... Read More


Report: Beyoncé Paid $3-4 Million for Coachella Performance

by Jessica Bennett   Apr 18, 2018

The Beyhive is still ranting about Beyoncé’s epic Coachella performance last weekend, with many wondering just how much the Queen was paid for her... Read More


Bow Down: Beyoncé’s Coachella Performance Set a YouTube Record

by Teddy Grant   Apr 17, 2018

Beyoncé is back and is already setting records. Bey’s iconic Coachella performance drew 458,000 simultaneous viewers on YouTube, which is the most ever for... Read More


Beyoncé Supports Figure Skating in Harlem with IVY PARK Collaboration

by Christina Santi   Apr 17, 2018

Beyoncé has amped up the visibility of her philanthropic work after her historic Coachella performance. Yesterday, the singer revealed that she would be donating $100,000... Read More

Cardi B Breaks Beyoncé Billboard Record

Cardi B Breaks Beyoncé Billboard Record

by Jessica Bennett   Apr 17, 2018

Just eight months after freaking out over her first encounter with Beyoncé, Cardi B has already broken one of Bey’s Billboard records! One week... Read More