Dear White People: No, It Isn’t OK to ‘Jump the Broom’

Dear White People: No, It Isn’t OK to ‘Jump the Broom’

by Shantell E. Jamison   Sep 18, 2017

People of African dissent are some of the most innovative humans on the planet. There isn’t too much that we cannot do, and American... Read More

Bodega founders

Bodega Start-Up Named After The Exact Stores They’d Be Putting Out Of Business

by Zahara Hill   Sep 13, 2017

Two former Google employees are looking to make a profit by intersecting the concepts behind corner stores and vending machines. Read More

The Brand Went Too Far! Dolce & Gabbana Wants You To ‘#Boycott’

The Brand Went Too Far! Dolce & Gabbana Wants You To ‘#Boycott’

by Melissa Henderson   Jun 17, 2017

The Italian fashion house wants you to boycott its brand.  Dolce & Gabbana (D & G) has released a T-shirt that reads “#Boycott Dolce... Read More

cash me ousside

There’s Nothing Funny About the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl

by LaSha   Mar 07, 2017

Back in 2015 when you couldn’t turn on your car radio without hearing Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen at least three times in an hour, ET Online ran a story... Read More

Melania Trump and the ‘Gimme Culture’<br />

Melania Trump and the ‘Gimme Culture’

by Michael Harriot   Aug 12, 2016

There is an oft-used trope among the right wing section in the Conservative universe that they consistently revert to when they offer up their... Read More

Blake Lively instagram

Black Bodies and the Last Frontier of Cultural Appropriation

by Michael Harriot   May 20, 2016

In a country where physical attractiveness has long been defined by a European beauty aesthetic, Black women have been made to feel ashamed of... Read More

Justin Bieber San Francisco State University Dreadlocks

Dear White People: Locs Are Not “Just Hair”

by Josie Pickens   Apr 06, 2016

When I started locking my hair almost seventeen years ago, I was searching for myself.  In fact, I was, as Zora Neale Hurston wrote... Read More

beyonce coldplay

Is Beyoncé a Vulture for Jacking India’s Steez? [OPINION]

by Elizabeth Aguirre   Feb 01, 2016

The Internet is going nuts over Beyoncé’s role in Coldplay’s new video for “Hymm for the Weekend." In the video, which is shot in India, Queen... Read More

Amandla Stenberg Didn’t Attack Kylie,
Leave Our Princess Alone!

Amandla Stenberg Didn't Attack Kylie,
Leave Our Princess Alone!

by Jamilah Lemieux   Jul 14, 2015

I caught wind of the social media “beef” between Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg and celebutante Kylie Jenner earlier this week. When the latter... Read More

Iggy Azaelia

Oh, Mediocre:
Iggy Is Terrible, Period

by Jamilah Lemieux   Dec 23, 2014

It seems frivolous to waste more than two words on Iggy Azalea at a time like this (“Absolutely not” are good ones. “Nah, son,”... Read More