Tomi Lahren

How Tomi Lahren Will Become the Next White Feminist Media Icon

by Lincoln Anthony Blades

The atypical usage of the term “identity politics” can be very strange. To many people of color, it’s a confusing term because while our... Read More

donald trump chicago protest

Why Women Have the Right to Refuse Trump Supporters for Mates

by Lincoln Anthony Blades

This past weekend, The New York Times entered another article into the “mean Liberals forced good people into embracing an open bigot” sphere of... Read More

wedding marriage rings

Ladies, Asking for Your Hand in Marriage Isn’t Sexist, It’s Tradition

by Lincoln Anthony Blades

I recently read an article written by a young woman who argued that all women should refrain from marrying any man who would ask... Read More

Beyonce bell hooks

bell hooks and the Sour ‘Lemonade’ Review

by Jamilah Lemieux

If you told me, someone who has been feminist identified since I was 12 years old, that I would ever critique bell hooks in... Read More

Wade Davis TEDTalk caro

Taking Off the Mask of Masculinity

by Wade A. Davis, II

Growing up, I loved that people saw me as a masculine man. I loved the power, the access, the respect and the perceived safety... Read More

An Open Invitation to Piers Morgan and Other Lemonade Haters

An Open Invitation to Piers Morgan and Other Lemonade Haters

by Michael Arceneaux

Piers Morgan is a simpleton fortunate enough that being White, male, and straight makes his success in media nearly impenetrable. Morgan, like many people... Read More

Wade Davis

Why More Black Men Must Be Feminists

by Wade A. Davis, II

The first time I read Melissa Harris Perry’s book Sister Citizen, I realized I knew even less than I imagined about what it means... Read More

Prince Lovesexy album cover

Thigh-High Boots, Thongs and Eyeliner: Prince as a Feminist Icon

by Josie Pickens

Like many of The Purple One’s fans today, I woke up hoping yesterday was just a dream—that the world didn’t lose Prince, the musician... Read More

[UNSUNG SHEROES] Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee Is a Star in Her Own Right

[UNSUNG SHEROES] Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee Is a Star in Her Own Right

by Wendy L. Wilson

It’s hard to stand out when you’re the oldest of five talented siblings, one of whom is internationally recognized superstar Diana Ross, but Dr.... Read More

Amber Rose Talks Feminism + SlutWalk 2016 [VIDEO]

Amber Rose Talks Feminism + SlutWalk 2016 [VIDEO]

by #teamEBONY

Controversial bombshell Amber Rose shares encourages women to “work hard, love yourself, embrace your femininity and sexuality, and chase the vision of themselves possible”... Read More