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[WATCH] Women Up Chicago Features Empowerment, Inspiring Remarks

by #teamEBONY

Mimosa flowed. Tea poured. Conversation (and warm hugs) were in plentiful supply at the most recent Women Up event held in Chicago at theWit. ... Read More

I’m a Single Mom, But I Am Also the Greatest Mom of All Time, So There

I'm a Single Mom, But I Am Also the Greatest Mom of All Time, So There

by Jamilah Lemieux

On March 29 of 2013, my ex-turned-co-parent and I welcomed the birth of a beautiful, bouncing baby girl who would change both of our... Read More

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Was the ‘Blurred Lines’ Ruling Fair?

by Jamilah Lemieux

Last week, a court ruled that Pharrell and Robin Thicke owe the estate of Marvin Gaye, due to the similarites between "Blurred Lines" and the... Read More

EBONY.com's Jamilah Lemieux Talks #AliveWhileBlack on ABC's Nightline

EBONY.com’s Jamilah Lemieux Talks #AliveWhileBlack on ABC’s Nightline

by #teamEBONY

Nightline aired a powerful segment on racial inequality and policing, sparked by the #CrimingwhileWhite and #AlivewhileBlack hashtags that recently went viral. EBONY.com Senior Editor... Read More

Fortune's 55 most influential women on Twitter

Jamilah Lemieux Named to Fortune’s List of Influential Women on Twitter

by #teamEBONY

Since 1998, Fortune has produced an annual list on The Most Powerful Women in Business. But what started 16 years ago as a ranking... Read More

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EBONY’s Own Mitzi Miller and Jamilah Lemieux Named to The Root 100

by The Root

Who are today’s standout Black leaders, innovators and culture shapers? Who are the most influential African Americans 45 and under? To answer these tough... Read More

Nicki Minaj Anaconda

Nicki Minaj’s Butt Is Not Your Daughter’s Problem

by Jamilah Lemieux

Criticism has been rebranded as “hating,” and you aren’t allowed to dislike someone unless it’s popular to do so, but I still insist upon... Read More

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Clippers Controversy and Black Blaming, Again

by Jamilah Lemieux

The residents of Post-Racial America are really having a rough week, eh? Cliven Bundy’s lack of clarity on whether or not slavery would be... Read More

5 Spring Wines You’ll Love (Even if Spring Never Comes)

5 Spring Wines You'll Love (Even if Spring Never Comes)

by Jamilah Lemieux

Spring is here and by “here,” I mean that the calendar has declared Winter to be over. While we know that God and Al... Read More

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Jamilah Stands

by Jamilah Lemieux

I love my work. I love having the opportunity to tell diverse Black stories—and stories that impact Black people. I also love the democracy... Read More