Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey, Gay Africans and the Journey to Freedom

by Pastor Joseph Tolton

In August 1914, Marcus Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association because he believed strongly that people of African descent needed to unite to... Read More

Preaching and Practicing Homophobia: Hampton University Ministers’ Conference and the Delman Coates Controversy

Preaching and Practicing Homophobia:
Controversy at Hampton University Ministers' Conference

by Ahmad Greene and Nyle Fort

“Whatever choices you make, always remember, choices have consequences,” Rev. Errol Gilliard, Pastor of the Greater Harvest Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, preached in... Read More

Former Immigration Equality client, Trinidadian asylum winner, and Safe Haven Awards 2015 Co-Chair Denise Chambers

New Art Exhibit Looks at LGBT Issues

by Souleo

In the artwork titled “The Promise” by André St. Clair and Tavet Gillson, a lone traveling subject walks the streets of a rainbow cityscape,... Read More

Redefining Womanhood laverne cox

You Ain't the ONLY Woman:
The White Cis Grasp on Womanhood Is Failing

by Lesli-ann Lewis

Before Laverne Cox draped her gorgeous brown legs over a lucky sheet in a nude shoot for Allure, before “feminist” writer Megan Murphy gagged... Read More

Laverne Cox CeCe McDonald

Support Caitlyn AND Laverne AND Cece:
What You Must Know About Black Trans Women

by Elle Hearns

This year, there have been no less than 9 reported murders of trans women of color in the United States. You won’t find these... Read More

IN THE CROSSHAIRS trans women violence Simon Prades

Black Trans Women:
In the Crosshairs

by Don Terry

Tracy is a proud Black transgender woman, determined since childhood that, no matter the price, she would never pretend to be anything other than... Read More

LGBT Mothers DAy

My Awesome Black Queer Mom

by Aiesha Turman

At 11, I was in the midst of puberty. I loved everything, hated everything, and withdrew into myself.  I would rather read or draw... Read More

Making It Work With My Girlfriend and My Ex-Husband

Making It Work With My Girlfriend and My Ex-Husband

by Cleo

The Official Book of Black Mothering has yet to be published. Luckily, there are a million rules in the unofficial version on how to... Read More

Ky Peterson

Black Trans Man Kills His Rapist, Gets Sent to Prison

by #teamEBONY

Ky Peterson brushed off the stranger hitting on him outside a convenience store in Americus, Ga., without a second thought. It's not like he... Read More

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act Matters,  No Matter Your Sexual Orientation

Why Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act Should Scare You

by Afi-Odelia E. Scruggs

Even though Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act seems to be all about gay rights, it’s worth keeping an eye on, regardless of your sexual... Read More