Michelle Obama

But Did Y’all See Michelle Obama Rock That White Bikini?

by Zahara Hill

Wednesday marks the 54th year the earth has been continually blessed by the presence of Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. Have you silently thanked her... Read More


A Neighborhood Guide to Miami’s (Delectable) Must-Try Restaurants

by Bianca Garwood

Every year, Art Basel draws thousands of art and fashion enthusiasts to Miami to enjoy an overload of senses not only limited to art.... Read More

Temple Student Cariann Hithon

College Student Cariann Hithon Killed by Police After Running Over a Cop

by Zahara Hill

Investigators believe Hithon, a former Hampton University honors student, was drinking heavily on the fatal night. Read More

Ben Carson

Exactly How Did Ben Carson Get Stuck in an Elevator?

by #teamEBONY

We haven’t heard a whole lot from Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson since he was confirmed for his new job. But he’s... Read More


Is Odell Beckham’s Pre-Playoff Vacation Being Overblown?

by Marcus Lamar

After defeating the Washington Redskins 19-10 last week and eliminating them from playoff contention, the New York Giants turned their sights to their matchup... Read More

Caretaker Shot by Police As He Attempts to Save Autistic Man

Caretaker Shot by Police As He Attempts to Save Autistic Man

by #teamEBONY

Charles Kinsey went to retrieve a 23-year-old autistic man who wandered from a mental health center out into the street Monday, and he was... Read More

Miami Restaurants

3 Piping Hot Miami Eateries Foodies Will Love

by Laura Janelle Downey

Big Score For Miami A happy wife makes for a happy life, right? Well, about 6 years ago, Shannon Allen, wife of former Miami... Read More

Black Artists at Art Basel

Black Artists at Art Basel

by The Root

As big as Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 (Dec. 5-8) is for Black artists, even bigger news out of Miami is the opening of... Read More

Miami-area police agency charged with racial profiling

Miami Man Racially Profiled Dozens of Times…While Outside His Job

by #teamEBONY

A young Florida Black man has been stopped and questioned by police in Miami Gardens 258 times in four years, searched more than 100... Read More