4 Areas Where Trump is Striking Back at Beneficial Obama-Era Policies

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President Trump suffered a humiliating loss last week in his attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but it’s apparently not stopping him from... Read More


AG Sessions Tries to Shoo Away Obama Admin U.S. Attorneys

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is apparently making sure no vestiges of the Obama administration remain in the Justice Department now that he’s head of... Read More

In November, courts decided Trump's travel ban would take partial effect.

Reconstruction 2.0: We’ve Been Here Before, So We Know How to Fight

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When I was in the 11th grade, I had a U.S. History teacher whom I adored. One of my favorite assignments from that course... Read More

My Brother's Keeper

Measuring the Effectiveness of My Brother’s Keeper

by Nick Chiles / The Hechinger Report

One by one, smartly dressed young African-American men emerged from dark curtains, each wearing a big smile and holding aloft a small sign displaying... Read More

Barack Obama will be serving jury duty in the next month.

President Obama Issues Statement on Trump’s Divisive Executive Order

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In his first statement since leaving the White House, former president Barack Obama issued a statement supporting protesters who have filed into streets and... Read More


A Surreal Look at Trump’s America: 5 Takeaways From His First Week

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Trump Nixes Civil Rights, Health Care from White House Website

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The incoming Trump administration wasted no time posting its platform on the White House website — which it did almost to the second Donald... Read More


First Black President? Why Stop at Just One?

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I have shed my last tear over President Obama, now I’m mad. I was getting annoyed watching his farewell address. Not at him –... Read More


[YOU SHOULD KNOW] The Senate Affordable Care Act Repeal Vote

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While America was sleeping, the GOP was hard at work trying to dismantle the signature policy accomplishment of the Obama Administration: the Affordable Care... Read More


Lessons in Love: How the First Couple Captured Our Hearts

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The following is from EBONY’s special commemorative issue on President Obama, which highlights the last eight years of an African-American First Family living in... Read More