Shameless Maya

Spotlight: Digital Star Shameless Maya

by Diahann Williams   Apr 14, 2017

365 days of self-promotion, 875K Youtube followers and a photo shoot with Prince? We had to introduce the EBONY audience to Shameless Maya. Read More

Petition Surfaces in Protest of YouTube Personality Tommy Sotomayor

Petition Surfaces in Protest of YouTube Personality Tommy Sotomayor

by Sylvia Snowden   Apr 04, 2017

YouTube personality, Tommy Sotomayor, rose to fame by dumping on Black women in social media videos. Some of the gems you can find on... Read More

Creative Spotlight: Caleb and Roni, Tough Love Series

Creative Spotlight: Caleb and Roni, Tough Love Series

by Diahann Williams   Mar 24, 2017

This NYC-based couple is bringing tough love to your screens. Read More

Fast Forward

[Watch] Distributors Talk Diversity in Hollywood

by Kyra Kyles   Aug 27, 2016

Let us get this straight.  It is 2016 and folks are mad that Spider Man’s bae Mary Jane will be portrayed by the beautiful... Read More

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Cooking Up New Content Venture

by #teamEBONY   May 10, 2016

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is cooking up major deals that display his passion for social media platforms and digital content creation. And now his Seven Bucks... Read More

Meet the 20-Year-Old Who Built a YouTube Product Review Empire

Meet Marques Brownlee

by #teamEBONY   Nov 14, 2014

Marques Brownlee is a YouTube sensation. The tech-review prodigy has 1.8 million subscribers—more followers than Kanye West, Marvel, or Disney Animation. Under the username... Read More


The Re-Introduction of Dondria Nicole

by KD Dees   Feb 24, 2014

Sexy and confident are just a couple of words to describe YouTube sensation turned So So Def artist, Dondria. The Dallas native, who now goes by... Read More

Andrea Lewis

Black Actress Web Series Debuts

by Slate   Nov 07, 2013

While filming a movie for Nickelodeon a few years ago, actress Andrea Lewis had an eye-opening experience. One of her fellow cast members showed... Read More

Russell Simmons apologizes, pulls controversial Harriet Tubman ‘sex tape’ from YouTube

Russell Simmons Apologizes for Harriet Tubman Sex Tape

by #teamEBONY   Aug 15, 2013

Early Thursday, Russell Simmons issued an apology for a parody Harriet Tubman “sex tape” video released hours earlier on his new All Def Digital... Read More

Pharrell Suing

Pharrell Suing

by Jezebel   Jul 02, 2013

Apparently Pharrell tried to set up a YouTube channel called "I Am Other" and then sent him a cease and desist because he... Read More