Justus Williams

Chess King Justus Williams Proves 14-Year-Olds Got Game [VIDEO]

Chess master Justus Williams rocks out at the U.S. Chess Federation’s K-12 Grade National Championship

December 03, 2012

Brooklyn Castle trailer

At Brooklyn’s I.S. 318, basketball takes a back seat. This weekend, 14-year-old chess phenomenon Justus Williams won top prize in his ninth-grade division down at Orlando, Florida’s U.S. Chess Federation’s K-12 Grade National Championship. Though the Bronx-born young Justus is currently a freshman at the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, this year’s Brooklyn Castle documentary charts the phenomenal rise of his old junior high school’s chess team. The youngest-ever Black National Master of chess, Justus finished among the top quarter of international players in his age class at the World Youth Chess Championship just last month. It all just goes to prove, 14-year-olds got game.

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