brenda nicole moorer

Brenda Nicole Moorer

This Harlem-based chanteuse could easily ride on the positivist wave of ‘Happy’ with her own feel-good optimist anthem, ‘Bloom’

May 09, 2014

Brenda Nicole Moorer, "Bloom"

If the success of Pharrell’s “Happy” on the music charts is any indication, R&B with a simple, uplifting, feel-good message is perennially popular. We hope that Brenda Nicole Moorer’s music will also find your heart and ears. “Bloom,” her tender pick-me-up of a song, is the latest offering from the Atlanta-bred, Harlem-based singer-songwriter, who was previously a member of a girl group formed for one-time BLACKstreet vocalist, Dave Hollister. 

This beautifully crafted video for “Bloom” is stop-motion animated by New York graphic artist Nim Ben-Reuven. It’s a visual feast for your inner child. An old-school four-track tape twines through a magical machine to create bright, blossoming foliage, and the gorgeous Moorer traces out newborn flowers with her index finger, her lyrics imploring us to “keep on dreaming.” Moorer’s four-song EP, For Lovers and Believers, features spacious soul-folk by producer Jesse Fischer that totally complements Moorer’s languid voice.

“Bloom” is a natural mood enhancer without any hangover. Allow for your own musical palate to open up and receive its beauty.—Sun Singleton


Sun Singleton is a Northern Virginia-born singer/journalist based in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @sunsing.

Follow Brenda Nicole Moorer on Twitter @bnmmusic and check out her website

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