Vote for the EBONY MANifest Honors! Black male achievement is the responsibility of us all

When launched the editorial series ‘MANifest: Black Men Tackle Struggle, Identity and Power,' our goal was simply to elevate the conversation around the lives of our men and boys. We never dreamed that it would lead to the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the American Values Institute and the Open Society Foundation's ‘Campaign for Black Male Achievement’.


Today we are honored to announce the first-ever ‘EBONY MANifest Honors for Black Male Achievement,’ the manifestation, if you will, of our new partnership with the Campaign. Together we hand-selected leaders, artists, organizers and educators from across the country who are doing critical work on behalf of Black men and boys. Collectively these nominees have positively affected thousands of lives. In many ways, big and small, they are the ever-illusive solution we have been seeking.

We owe them all a debt of gratitude.

Please help salute these nominees and place your votes in every category for the EBONY MANifest Honors For Black Male Achievement! VOTE NOW!!! Voting is unlimited. The winners will be announced on October 3, 2012 at the CBMA's "Innovation and Impact Forum for Black Male Achievement" in NYC.


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