5 Small Ways to Revive Your Life in 2013<br />
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from an economic crash, it can be very difficult for you to live a life that isn’t ruled by how to get and keep money in your pocket.  Add to that the responsibilities of family and parenthood and pursuing your passion may seem like a pipe dream.  While your bills must stay paid, this does not have to be at the total expense of your heart’s desire. 

As often as you can, sacrifice a little sleep or mindless reality television watching to think about your natural talents and how you would cultivate them if money were not an object.  Then, determine to pursue those talents whenever possible outside of your home– whether at your church, at work or in your community. When you are personally fulfilled through the pursuit of your gifts, you will produce higher quality work while on the clock and be a happier person to be around.  But most important, your passion may be more than just an outlet: it may very well be your life’s purpose. Do not cheat yourself or the world by neglecting it.  Choose to be a person who lives life deliberately.

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