9 Habits That Lift the Soul

9 Habits That Lift the Soul

Want to breathe new life into your spiritual journey? Check out Rev. A.R. Bernard's powerful tips from the May 2012 issue of EBONY

by Rev. A.R. Bernard, May 02, 2012

9 Habits That Lift the Soul

It’s about recognizing the hand of God at work in everyday life; doing so keeps us conscious that there’s a higher realm of existence. Discernment also involves sharpening your judgment about, for instance, the people who love you versus the ones who really love you. Lust is a desire to benefit self at the expense of others; love is a desire to benefit others at the expense of self. Surround yourself with people who are out for your good: those who are willing to contribute to your growth and development as a person.

9. Sharing your story. In the church, we call this “testifying.” When you tell others what you’ve lived through and how you’ve failed and succeeded, it reinforces your strength, gratitude and resilience. It also inspires those who hear it—and spreads hope to those with whom we share this planet.

Rev. A.R. Bernard is the founder and senior pastor of Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn and the author of Happiness Is ...Simple Steps to a Life of Joy

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