A "Breakthrough" in AIDS Vaccine Research?

A "Breakthrough" in AIDS Vaccine Research?

Rod McCullom reports from Barcelona, where critical work is being done to address the global pandemic

by Rod McCullom, October 16, 2013

A "Breakthrough" in AIDS Vaccine Research?

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of the most important vaccine trials, I am proud of the critical role that the people of South Africa will play," said Ntando Yalo of the Networking AIDS Community of South Africa, who spoke during the opening plenary session.

“Even if both of those trials succeed we may have licensed vaccines that are only valid in Thailand and/or South Africa because of the different sub-types of HIV,” Mitchell Warren, executive director of the AIDS vaccine and biomedical prevention advocacy group AVAC told EBONY. “This is why we need a global vaccine.”


Rod McCullom has written and produced for ABC News, NBC, The Atlantic, the Los Angeles Times, EBONY and others. He is reporting from Barcelona as an AIDS Vaccine 2013 International Media Fellow.


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