Are Butt Lifts the New Black?

One of Dr. Schulman's patients before and after her procedure

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in and say "Make me as big as possible." I tell them that people are going to notice. You can’t hide a big butt when you’ve been flat. It’s very common in my patients, I do about 6 to 8 of these in a week, than anybody in the East Coast so I do more than in a week than most do in their whole career for this procedure. My wait list for the surgery may be four or five months. I tell them go get yourself some butt pads and start to set the stage for when your butt isn’t so flat because you’re going to show up to work and go to a family event and notice something’s different. So a lot of my patients will go and wear butt pads and increase them and set the stage and working out and doing a lot of squats so it’s not such a culture shock to their friends and co-workers.

In terms of after, I think there’s definitely some adjustment because I think it’s not uncommon to see relationships improve but it can also be the flip side. Relationships can deteriorate. I have just as many patients who come in and say ‘I got engaged,’ ‘I met a man,’ everything’s great. Or they may come in and say ‘Me and my boyfriend broke up.’ ‘I’m getting divorced.’ It happens. There’s no way to really prepare people for it. I’ll tell them they’re going to feel much better about themselves. That may change them.