Wade Davis, Jr: Former NFL Player Turned LGBT Advocate

Wade Davis, Jr.

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seriously hurt EVERYDAY. I play and I’m on the board of the New York Gay Football League; in addition, I’m the captain of one of its traveling teams (4 time champions) and I play in another league that would be considered a heterosexual league (yep, I’m a champion in that league too).

EBONY: Who are a few of your role models/sources of inspiration?  

Wade: Whoopi Goldberg (because she’s honest); Tyler Perry (because he’s ambitious), and my partner Steven (because he taught me to dream).

EBONY: What is your favorite past time?

Wade: Watching football, basketball and reading.

EBONY: And if you could make one wish for Black athletes who have yet to disclose their sexual identities, what would it be?

Wade: For them to find their place in life and find that place where they are supported and given safety by others who love and genuinely care about their well-being. I realize for myself that once I found people who truly accepted me despite what deficiencies I thought I had, it was then I found the strength to live -- really live in my own truth.